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Below you will find information that will help you choose the longboard that suits you best. The most important thing when buying a longboard is the length. This differs much between boards and can affect the ride a lot.


You can divide the board into three categories::

Short boards, -90cm (-36") Short boards are more rapid curved, elastic and easier to carry. Ideal to go with the city and small hills. Short boards are often a little less stable at high velocities.

Medium-length boards, 90cm-110cm (36"-42") Medium-length boards becomes like a mix between a fast curved, short boards, and a long, stable board. They work just as well in the city as in large crates. Medium-length boards are usually good as the first board.

Long boards, 110cm+ (42"+) long boards have a nice surf feel and are stable and calm to swing with. Works good on large slopes and is stable at high speeds.


Nowadays, it's almost standard with trucks with reverse kingpin. Which is a truck model that is very stable at high speeds and comfortable in turns. An optimal choice for longboarding. Trucks having this structure include Randall, Holey, Gullwing Charger & Alpine, Paris etc.


Larger wheels roll better on uneven surfaces compared with the smaller wheels. The most common size is around 65-75mm and it works well on most boards. The hardness differs also a part. The harder wheels are, the better they roll, and the softer they are, the better the grip.


Concave. Means that the board is bowl-shaped where you stand so that you get better edge grip and stand comfortably.

Camber. It’s when the board has a span, thus is higher in the middle.

Kicktail. Means that it goes up in the back so you can turn easily and do tricks.

Drop-thru. That's when the truck is mounted in the deck so that the bottom plate of the truck sits on top of the board so that the board will be lower.

Abec is a measurement of the precision of the bearing. The higher the ABEC the rounder are the balls in the bearing..